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Dave Ramsey, John Cummuta, and Suze Orman Walk Into a Bar, They All Say Ouch!
Is John Cummuta a scam artist?  How can he say that you can pay off your home in 5-7 years with the money you already make?  His transforming debt to wealth cd sounds as if you are magically turning the debt in to profit, but it is nothing more that paying off your debt then starting to gain wealth.  Dave Ramsey's plan is more straight forward with the baby steps.  No credit card, loans, etc...just use cash and save plenty of money.  Did Dave Ramsey ever go to Disney World with his children when he was broke? 
Is Mickey Mouse off limits when you are in debt?  Balance is the key to all things and is also the case here.  Suze Orman is a bit odd with her ever-changing ways.  Does she approve of some debt?  More to come....