The Importance of QR Codes. Quick Response Codes will Change Your Smart Phone Forever! How to use them and Win

What is a QR code? What information is in a QR code? A QR code, Quick Response code,is very popular in Japan and other countries but just recently has started to gain popularity in the U.S. Smart phones and cell phones can scan the QR code with the scanner and give you information about the product. Android and iphone QR codes are easy to decode.
PHP images on a business card to design your own. If you need a qr code generator, find in on google and yahoo. How large is a qr code size? What are some funny qr codes? Is there a reader for it? A wiki qr code is probably the best qr code reader. create on easily with a creater. Microsoft, Apple, Track them for free with software and i'm sure companies like McDonald's and Disney will offer cheap or discounts via qr. 3D viewing is fun. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Google+, and other media are using this in may applications. is there a QR App?